Your Kofax AP System Needs a “Tune-Up!”

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Like Many Systems, Kofax KTM Requires Maintenance

Just as a yard needs regular upkeep, ongoing maintenance on your Kofax accounts-payable invoice solution is strongly encouraged. Because of constant changes to the invoices you receive, your invoice processing is not a “set it and forget it” system, so don’t let it get “overgrown” with the weeds of time and outdated processes. The following is a technical recommendation for KeyMark-recommended periodic maintenance for your Kofax invoice solution.

Processes Change. Are Your Systems Aware?

As previously noted, a typical automated invoice processing solution must adapt over time as the invoices being processed change.

For a Kofax-based system, this involves periodic retraining to properly incorporate the sample documents collected during processing.  And your organization can sometimes benefit from tuning other data “locators” as well. 

While it is true that KeyMark builds invoice processing solutions to support any variety of invoice layouts in a generic fashion, your operators’ validation effort can slowly increase over time as new invoice layouts are processed.  This can be addressed through simple periodic maintenance.

KeyMark also recommends evaluating your current business processes to identify changes that have occurred over time, and to determine whether the Kofax solution should be adapted to those changes. Minor updates to the way the system works can sometimes yield significant processing improvements!

Here’s What We Recommend

Base Offering (< 50 hours): Kofax (KTM) invoice processing system tune-up (minimal offering)

Recommended Interval: every 6-12 months, depending on rate of new invoices seen

 KeyMark’s basic offering is a quick update of a KTM invoice system to incorporate collected training samples into the project. This offering is intended for KTM invoice systems that have been in use for 12-to-18 months since implementation or most-recent review and maintenance.


  • Perform a refresh for the invoice processing system using samples during processing, limiting to no more than 5 per invoice layout
  • Resolve training conflicts identified within sample set (conflicts occur due to validation operators having chosen two or more source locations for a given data element)
  • Generate and configure new extraction knowledge base
  • Assist with migration of the new knowledge base to client’s production system

If an organization has a trained KTM administrator, they might perform this maintenance themselves, or engage KeyMark to do this work.  Alternatively, they might have KeyMark handle the first refresh alongside the administrator as they become comfortable with the process.

Extended Offering (50+ hrs): Kofax (KTM) invoice processing system assessment with tune-up

Recommended Interval: every 2-3 years

In addition to the basic tune-up, this extended service offering includes a comprehensive assessment of the Kofax invoice processing system performance, and includes recommendations for system optimizations (implementation of those recommendations would be a separate effort).

With this exercise, organizations should expect to optimize invoice extraction performance.


  • Identify new business requirements that have resulted in increased validation effort
  • Document revised business rules and how they can be automated to reduce the validation effort
  • Perform a refresh for the invoice processing system using collected samples
  • Resolve training conflicts identified within sample set
  • Generate and configure new extraction knowledge base
  • Configure new invoice layouts to address degradation in automated extraction
  • Assist with migration of the new knowledge base to client’s production system
  • Findings report
    • Before/After benchmarks
    • Details on training samples and level of conflicts found
    • Recommended changes to further improve performance

Let's Get Started!

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