What is an enterprise license and is it right for you?

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OnBase is a highly customizable platform that can be built to the specific needs and size of your organization. However, because pricing depends on how many people need access to OnBase and what features they’ll utilize — you won’t find pricing for OnBase on the Hyland website.

Typically, we recommend an a la carte approach to building an OnBase solution for small to mid-sized companies that aren’t in an active state of upscaling or have few varying use cases. But for particularly large organizations with many departments, too many use-cases, or that experience dramatic growth/frequent change in company size — an enterprise license may be a better, more cost effective solution.

What is an Enterprise License?

An enterprise license is Hyland’s solution for OnBase users with highly fluctuating needs. An Enterprise License supplies OnBase for your entire organization at one fixed rate versus licenses purchased for individual users.

When does an Enterprise License make sense?

1. Your organization is undergoing a lot of growth or changes in scale.

Usually, OnBase licenses need to be purchased or disposed of to accommodate the coming and going of users. Change in scale equates to change management, i.e., time and money spent tweaking your OnBase portfolio to align with the size and needs of your company. However, with an Enterprise License, the impact of change is nullified because additional users don’t add additional costs. Because your license covers everyone in your organization, you can add or remove users seamlessly. It’s important to note that exiting employees also won’t reduce the overall cost of your license.

2. You need to satisfy a wide range of departments with variable add-on features.

OnBase has a lot to offer. But not every department will have the same use-case for OnBase as the next. For example, WorkView is an add-on to OnBase that improves case and contract management. However, WorkView could go under-utilized in departments that don’t need custom coding and deployment features. An Enterprise License gives every department access to the add-ons and features they need without the cost and risks of picking and choosing individual add-ons on behalf of everyone.

3. You are interested in the latest content-services features for your automation roadmap.

It’s like we said — OnBase has a lot to offer, and the offerings continue to grow with new product and feature releases, including Hyland’s Intelligent Document Processing.

If you’re planning an automation roadmap and want to account for “the next big things” in content services, then an Enterprise License is a cost-effective way to obtain the most advanced features of OnBase. Just as departments can choose their OnBase add-ons at no extra cost, an Enterprise License lets you swap in and out the latest OnBase features — a convenient way to trial features, test their utility, and discover the value they bring. 

Take the next step towards an enterprise license!

An Enterprise License is not the most viable option for everyone. But if you’re doing a lot of upscaling, trying to manage many different use-cases of OnBase, or want the latest and greatest features as they unveil, then an Enterprise License is for you. 

To learn more about a holistic OnBase license that benefits the entirety of your business, send a message to a KeyMark account manager.

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