When Does WorkView Work Best?

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When Does Workview Work Best?

So you’ve picked-up OnBase and put it to work collecting data and content from common or everyday sources, converging it into a single repository for your automated workflow needs. Well done! But while you’ve been utilizing OnBase for its strengths as a content services platform for core data, you may have noticed that your unique, niche or specific information proves much trickier to round up and automate. OnBase boasts, “One Platform – Unlimited Potential,” but how does OnBase deliver functionality for hyper-specific use-cases?

Meet Workview

Workview is OnBase’s solution for collecting and automating data for business processes not suited for any commercially available software application.  Microsoft Excel, Access, and aging mainframe applications are often used to collect the data for this reason.  Workview works within OnBase, enabling users to customize new business process solutions to serve specific use cases for these forms of niche data. In other words, Workview is a tool within the OnBase framework to configure apps with low-code and point-and-click functionality. It’s a great solution to grant organizations the power to create custom-configured solutions — but is it right for everyone?

Does Workview Work for You?

As much as KeyMark loves creating and implementing solutions using Workview, it is important to evaluate each opportunity to make sure that Workview is the right tool to solve the problem at hand. So here are five scenarios where you should consider using Workview.

1. You already own and use OnBase.

Traditionally, getting a fresh application to solve data-specific problems affords two options — buy a new software system or code it yourself. But if you already have OnBase, you have the third option for custom solutions through Workview. In this instance, because OnBase is already maintained by staff, the Workview configuration will fall into the regular OnBase upgrade pattern unlike most custom developed systems. Additionally, because the infrastructure is already in place, you can utilize “concept solutions” included on the Hyland Exchange to help you get started.

2. There are no commercially available solutions.

There’s a chance someone has already created a solution to meet your business needs. If there are solutions available right off the shelf — evaluate them first. However, if the commercially available solutions don’t meet your unique needs, Workview could still be an option depending on those requirements. Having one less system to upgrade, maintain, and train IT staff on can be beneficial.

3. Your data is stuck in an old Access database or spreadsheet.

We all have our organizational systems and personal tools to manage information that’s important to us. But problems occur when our notes or recorded data get stuck or lost in old spreadsheets and other aging systems.  Workview specializes in processing and tracking data from outdated storage silos and old Access databases, creating relational data that’s stored within OnBase.

4. Compliance has become an issue.

Another problem of poorly stored or manually tracked data is abounding compliance issues. Ask yourself, what kind of data do you have in spreadsheets on your network, and how are you controlling the access to that data? If you find that data difficult to track and access, Workview is an appropriate solution for better managing the storage, security, access, tracking,  and actionable reporting that enhances overall compliance.

5. You’ve been relying on an outdated static solution.

It happens often — you purchase or develop a solution that works as intended for several years. Still, as time passes, that solution fails to adapt to your business’s changing needs or is no longer supported either internally or externally. We often hear that these systems are held together with band-aids and rubber bands, and it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” they’ll eventually fail. Moving outdated solutions to a modern platform like OnBase with Workview affords greater customization towards your changing business conditions versus single-use applications. Workview will be preferable over static solutions if your organization endures frequent change or no longer has support for old solutions.

More Potential than Unlimited

There are many ways to configure Workview to maximize the core functionality of OnBase, bringing “One Platform — Unlimited Potential” to the next level through low code and rapid application development. In addition to gaining the power of a citizen developer, Workview implemented via a knowledgeable partner grants access to a team of professionals capable of building tailor-made data management solutions. Learn more about Workview here, or read/listen to our recent podcast Deep Dive into Hyland WorkView. If you’re an existing OnBase customer and want to get started with Workview, please contact your account executive.

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