What we loved about CommunityLIVE 2023

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CommunityLIVE 2023 Recap

CommunityLIVE 2023 just wrapped in Las Vegas, bringing to a close five days of automation expos, networking, fun, and news centered on Hyland’s flagship products. But while we wouldn’t betray sacred oaths like the kiss and tell or talking about fight club (oops!), there are some things that went down in Vegas that simply cannot stay in Vegas.

Here are three things we loved about CommunityLIVE 2023

1. Hyland forecasts for AI and UI

With AI becoming the biggest buzzword of 2023, you knew it would be a hot topic at CommunityLIVE. Hyland dished on upcoming AI capabilities within the Hyland platform, including plans for generative AI integrations and evolutions of no-code/low-code app development. Discussing these plans for the future was exciting, but it paled in comparison to the excitement of the here-and-now UI improvements delivered to OnBase users in Foundation 23.1. Users making the upgrade can now enjoy some quality-of-life improvements to OnBase’s appearance, navigation, usability, and accessibility for desktop and tablet, as well as

  • Better visibility into batches
  • Enhanced document distribution management
  • New text report viewer features
  • Increased usability for users sensitive to contrast
  • Tablet touch gestures including pinch-to-zoom, scroll-and-pan, single-click to open a document, and more.

2. SC Department of Children’s Advocacy wins the Environment and Social Impact Award

The South Carolina Department of Children’s Advocacy (DCA) examines, on a system-wide basis, the care and services provided to children in foster care with the primary goal of helping children achieve permanency. As such, making those operations as streamlined and efficient as possible is of vital importance to the kids, families, and the state as a whole. And that’s precisely what the DCA did.

SC DCA received recognition during the lunch and Hyland Customer Innovation Awards segment for implementing solutions that provide timely, thorough, and centralized data to Foster Care Review Board Staff spanning 43 boards — helping them overcome obstacles and shorten the runway to child permanency. Having worked side by side with SC DCA to build these solutions in OnBase, it was exciting to see the DCA awarded the Environment and Social Impact Award for their technological progress in benefiting this wholesome and noble cause.

3. The friends we made along the way

CommunityLIVE brings together industry leaders, innovators, and forward-thinkers from across the globe to chat and collaborate about all things automation software. But it also brings together friends, peers, and our beloved customers and constituents for comradery, check-ins, and good old-fashioned fun. And we just never have enough of the latter.

KeyMark had the opportunity to throw some epic get-togethers, Double-O Seven style. A huge thank you to all who took the time to connect with our team and shake (not stir) it up with us for lunches, dinners, and corporate espionage–we mean–parties.

Until next time

If we didn’t get the chance to meet up at CommunityLIVE 2023 — or if we sparked a memory of something you liked, didn’t like, or just had questions on — please don’t hesitate to reach out to your account executive. See you next year for CommunityLIVE 2024 at the Gaylord National in Maryland, September 22 – 26, 2024.

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