What to Expect at Insights 2023

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What to Expect at Insights 2023

KeyMark’s annual automation conference — INSIGHTS —  is just around the corner, scheduled for April 25 – 27 at the Peace Center Huguenot Mill. Insights will bring together a growing cast of business leaders, decision-makers, automation gurus, and the hungry or curious for several days of content focused on how automation can enhance enterprise value by boosting efficiency and decreasing costs.

What’s in it for you?

While new technologies and market trends are already among the frequently visited discussions between business peers — the rapid developments of AI chatbots, rising costs, and recent labor shifts indicate that there’s never been a better time to explore how automation can help you do more with less. And what better way to explore than to explore together?

How are we better together?

If you attend Insights, you’ll notice “Togetherness” as a recurring motif this year. And that’s no accident. We selected this year’s theme of Better Together because it worked on too many levels to ignore. For example, even in an age of growing digital dependency and flexible remote settings, strong relationships with co-workers, customers or constituents, and partners, in addition to technology, remain conditions for success.

What will we be talking about together?

Of course, Insights 2023 will offer many opportunities for networking, Q&A panels, a little food, and a whole lot of fun. But while we’re enthusiastic about all Insights has to offer, we’re particularly fired up about this year’s discussion topics. Insights 2023 promises discussions aimed at the industry’s hottest topics. With some participation, we hope to create great conversations centered on you, the bots, and everything in-between — deepening knowledge of how automation can be wielded to maximum effect. 

Here are some essential discussions you won’t want to miss.

  • What’s Ahead for ECM? Together, we’ll have an in-depth look at the future of Enterprise Content Management. We’ll discover what’s changing in ECM software, the available tools, common elements frequently underutilized, and much more.
  • Automation Success: Crawl, Walk, Run: It’s a problem we see a lot — you know you need to automate but can’t determine where to begin or where to gain additional automation. This session will explore techniques to help you identify the areas for achieving optimal results.
  • Artificial Intelligence Past, Present, and Future: What’s the deal with AI? Are automation and AI the same thing? In this discussion, we’ll unpack the truth about a technology that’s often misdefined and/or that causes great fear and discuss how the operational automation software of today compares and contrasts with the promised AI of tomorrow.
  • Do what you love, automate the rest: We can all help each other achieve more. In this discussion, we’ll explore the Better Togetherness of human problems solved with human solutions, from business process outsourcing to strategies that minimize mundane manual tasks like data entry.
  • Is less sometimes more? Combating Scarcity with Scalability: In times of scarcity, buying the latest and greatest software doesn’t always make sense. Look at what you might already have. In this discussion, we’ll review several best practices for assessing your current state of automation and identifying opportunities to squeeze performance.

Can we count you in?

With less than a month away, we couldn’t be more excited to dive into this conference centered on the power and potential of automation software and the strength that’s found in unity. As KeyMark counts down the days until our biggest event of the year, consider how sturdy relationships (or the lack thereof) have impacted your agency or organization within the past years, and bring your insights to power insightful conversations.

We hope to see you there! It’s never too late to join us so if you haven’t registered or need more information on Insights 2023, click here.

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