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OnBase Products for Every Business


Amy Halperin

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Hyland OnBase Products

OnBase is an almost infinitely configurable solution. It is suitable for virtually any business needs, across many different industries and business spaces, from manufacturing to healthcare, from law offices to universities, from insurance to government – at all levels!

Obviously, the needs of each industry – of each company – varies, and one of the strength of OnBase is its ability be adaptive and useful for any company or agency.

Nevertheless, even with the wide variety of use cases, there are three aspects of virtually any business or agency that OnBase can make more efficient:

  • Processes: The organized, structured and largely predictable paths of documents through a process – whether that process be invoicing through to receiving payment, ordering supplies or equipment through to paying the vendor, onboarding new hires, off boarding exiting employees, or just making sure that all the required information for a document is accurate and entered when it needs to be.
  • Sharing: Secure sharing of documents and information within the company and with vendors, clients, consultants or other agencies outside the company
  • Storage: Getting documents and information that currently exist in another software silo – whether that silo be another business application, a file generated in another software such as Office or Adobe, or a document a user has saved from an email – into OnBase easily.

Each of these is universal, and each of these is easily addressed by OnBase.

The first use case — developing a structured path for documents or Workview items – is addressed by OnBase Workflow.

OnBase Workflow is one of the most configurable pieces of OnBase.  It can now be fully integrated with your scan process to ensure that all documents are correctly indexed and routed.  Workflow can be configured to automatically route documents or Workview objects to anyone who needs to approve or otherwise interact with the document or Workview object.  Workflow can check that all necessary information is on the item; can automatically add keywords to the document based on configurable rules; and can even interact with external databases to add or verify information.

Workflow can also send out reminders and warnings if documents aren’t addressed in a timely manner, or can wait to send notifications of work that needs to be completed until other required information is present in the system!  We can’t think of a single system that doesn’t have a need for Workflow – who doesn’t need to put documents through a specific set of steps on a regular basis?  Why do that manually, and risk having documents lost or misplaced in an Inbox, or have an email missed or incorrectly sent to junk, when OnBase can do all the routing – and much of the standardized work – for you?

The second use case – securely sharing information in and outside of an organization – is addressed by ShareBase.

ShareBase is an offering from Hyland the combines the collaborative power of systems such as DropBox and GoogleDocs with the power and security of OnBase. Like other cloud document collaboration storage spaces, you can invite users to view, download or upload information and can easily control what invitees are allowed to see and do with the documents.  As a cloud-based solution, backups are automatic and high availability is automatic.  Unlike other cloud-based storage, ShareBase can be configured to interact automatically with OnBase.  When properly licensed, your OnBase solution can easily upload documents to ShareBase for your external vendors, auditors, collaborators or consultants to see, and can send those users a notification when the document is uploaded.

Even more powerful is the fact that ShareBase and OnBase can be configured, when properly licensed, to automatically download documents that any user uploads into an OnBase folder – and to include specific keywords based on the document information!  And of course, with Workflow, downloading ShareBase documents can immediately trigger a notification to appropriate OnBase users as soon as the document comes in, so your users are always in the know and new information can be addressed immediately!

The final use case  – getting documents from another information silo easily into OnBase – is the Virtual Printer Driver

The Hyland Virtual Printer Driver is a powerful tool that lets you literally print a document from ANY software on your computer directly into your OnBase solution!  Getting a document out of Office, or Adobe, or any other Line of Business Application is as easy as hitting Print!  The document is created as an image file, and OnBase can easily be configured to automatically look for and import these images, presenting the user with the standard upload and index screen so that the document can be properly indexed.  As with any document entering OnBase, the created document can then go directly into Workflow, if desired, for additional action.

The Hyland Virtual Printer Driver eliminates the costly and time-consuming need for printing and scanning individual documents to bring them into OnBase, and it works with any application or software that recognizes a Windows Printer!

For a full list of Onbase products and modules, visit our OnBase Software Page!

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