Outsource Document Processing with CloudCapture

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Say Goodbye to Tedious, Manual Data Entry

If you deal with scanning and manual data entry on a daily basis, choosing to outsource that work through CloudCapture is a great way to make your life easier and grow your business.

This service can dramatically reduce the tedious task of keying data into your accounting software, imaging system, agency management system, or any number of other systems that typically require manual entry.

Another common name for this service is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). When you outsource your document processing, it can even take away the need to scan documents, meaning no more tedious tasks like opening envelopes, removing staples, or sorting! 

What exactly is BPO, and how does CloudCapture come into play?

We’ll start with CloudCapture, which is a technology that – you guessed it – captures information and stores it in databases, or the cloud. It gives you the ability to scan paper documents like invoices or requests at the time they are received, and then send the information directly to the proper database. It can also automatically ingest information from electronic documents.

From there the data is extracted from each document, which can be sent back to the proper place with an image of the document for validation. The data can also be pushed directly into your workflow process if everything is correct.

BPO comes into play as the service that does the scanning and processing for your organization, so your workers are freed up to perform more meaningful tasks.

At KeyMark, CloudCapture is our all-encompassing term that includes both the technology and the service that we offer for document processing. KeyMark has years of experience in scanning and validation, and has a dedicated team focused solely on outsourcing. To outsource your document processing with KeyMark, all you have to do is approve and pay!

A Quick Outsourcing Example

Accounts Payable departments are a great example of an operation that benefits from business process outsourcing. For example, take an Accounts Payable department that has multiple locations that receive invoices.

Typically, each location would have a dedicated employee to approve invoices and key the information into their system.

Then, the invoices would be sent to their department using internal mail, snail mail and/or email. These kinds of processes can be bogged down for a few different reasons: 

  1. The amount of time spent between receiving an invoice and its delivery to Accounts Payable.
  2. Employees get behind on their more specialized tasks because they have to spend too much time keying data.
  3. There’s a chance data will be entered incorrectly.

When you outsource this kind of work with CloudCapture, each of these hiccups are completely automated. Not only can these processes save you time and money, but they also provide visibility into your own organization’s processes.

Best of all, you can get started in days, not months. Where do you see CloudCapture helping your organization? 

Take the Next Step

We can help you decide pretty quickly whether this would be a good fit for your organization. With 20+ years of experience in automation, we just need about 5 minutes of Q&A. 

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