A Very Special Holiday Party Guest: Mr. Danny Clemson

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Wow, we had a wonderful surprise guest this week at KeyMark’s Holiday Party and Open House in Camp Hill, PA. Michael Glaser and Dawson Flinchbaugh – yes, the notorious Dawson of Chili Chief fame and owner of Flinchy’s – invited Mr. Danny Clemson, their friend and local Mechanicsburg, PA resident. In case you weren’t aware, KeyMark’s blood runneth orange and we love our Clemson Tigers so Mr. Clemson’s visit was an awesome surprise.

Mr. Danny Clemson

Danny Clemson is the third cousin of Thomas Green Clemson, the founder of Clemson University. Although four generations removed, Danny is the oldest living relative of Thomas and tells wonderful stories of his life in the Clemson family. Although he is a graduate of Penn State, he said there is nothing like attending a Clemson home game and having 80,000 fans spelling your name. Mr. Clemson was kind enough to bring some of his family memorabilia so we took some photos to share in this story.

‘Tis the Season for Candy Cane Martinis

We hosted KeyMark employees, customers, friends and neighbors to our Holiday Party and Open House. We took residence in our new office in October and it was a great chance to bring everyone together in the new space. We felt it only appropriate to cater with Flinchy’s and Dawson introduced us to his Candy Cane Martini – yum.

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