Should I Consider Case Management?

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Should I Consider Case Management for my Department or Enterprise?

Looking for an alternative to using Excel spreadsheets, Access databases or even paper documents (gasp!) to collect and manage data related to a specific process? A case management system can help.

If you’re feeling that running your business using spreadsheets is similar to a fish that has outgrown its tank, there is hope. While a case management solution is a powerful tool for tracking legal, social service or medical cases, its uses can actually be extended beyond typical case management scenarios. If you have processes that involve different steps and people, you have cases to manage.

A project, claim, dispute, contract, transaction, service, response or series of events may qualify as a “case.”

Here are just a few situations that are ideal for a case management solution:

  • Insurance claims
  • Issues resolutions
  • Legal cases
  • Health and Human Services program integrity cases
  • County assessor property value disputes
  • Contract management
  • Human resources recruiting
  • Service requests

The ideal case manager solution should be able to handle all types of information including unstructured data, tasks, reminders, notes, images, activities, documents and more. Think of a case management solution as a container for holding everything related to the “case” or effort you are tracking.

It should also have the ability to enable you to delegate tasks, route information, schedule events and more, essentially connecting the right people with the right info at the right time.

If you already have an enterprise content management system in place, a case management solution can extend it further.  If you don’t, OnBase offers a solution that requires little application development and can be deployed within a single department or enterprise wide.

Whether your business problems are inside or outside the scope of case management, you just might want to take a close look at the capabilities of a case management solution. In the end, having greater control around the tasks and data surrounding specific processes will help you make better decisions.

What scenarios do you see in your business that could benefit from a case management solution?

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