Blue Prism Healthcare eBook: A New Era of Outpatient Service Delivery

Blue Prism Outpatient Service Delivery Transformation eBook

A New Era of Outpatient Service Delivery with Intelligent Automation Blue Prism Healthcare: Outpatient Service Delivery RPA eBook Outpatient populations across the globe are booming. Spurred by a move away from traditional healthcare settings and the COVID-19 pandemic, the way patients receive care is quickly evolving. And while this signifies positive change in some areas, […]

Blue Prism Healthcare eBook: A New Era of Patient Experience

Blue Prism Healthcare eBook

A New Era of Integrated Care with Intelligent Automation Blue Prism Healthcare: Integrated Care RPA eBook As COVID-19 forces closer collaboration across care providers and exposes the cracks in the system, Integrated Care is climbing the global healthcare agenda. In a world where working together is more important than ever, establishing collective strategies, managing shared […]

The OnBase eBook and OnBase Definition

OnBase Definition and eBook OnBase is a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in Content Services platforms. Modular by design, OnBase is an enterprise content management software with customizable modules created to exceed your desired business outcomes. This enterprise content management solution from Hyland enables organizations to get more from their core business applications by integrating with […]

ebook RPA in Financial Services

RPA for Financial Service

Speed, Accuracy, and Security for Your Organization Robotic Process Automation is gaining ground in industries across the board because it performs data-heavy, repetitive tasks easily, quickly and without errors. Accuracy is especially important in the financial services industry, as is the ability to present a detailed and immutable audit trail for security and compliance purposes. […]

RPA Overview

Robotic Process Automation

Automate Manual Processes with Robotic Process Automation Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is more than a buzzword. It’s a technology that’s transforming the way organizations collect, review and input data. Simply put, RPA was created to automate business processes. Its backbone is a software configuration, or “Digital Worker,” that is programmed to gather and process data […]