Automation Buzzwords Demystified

The year is 1967. Film makers Patterson-Gimlin are shooting a film alongside Bluff Creek in Northern California. Across the creek, film makers claim to have caught a big, hairy half-ape, half-human walking through the woods.

It looks over at the camera mid-stride and cements itself into global pop-culture lore for the rest of eternity. Books would be written. Fan clubs would be created. Conferences would be held. And for something so famous, can you confidently tell me our subject’s name? Sasquatch? Big Foot? The Yeti? The Abominable Snowman? Are they all the same? Is there some variation?

This is how it feels to be in the world of automation right now. Businesses and government organizations are trying to make the best possible decision about where to invest. It doesn’t help that new technology is being created almost daily. Business process owners might ask, “Do we need something that will suit the whole organization, or will a specific point solution do the trick?”

Because we feel your pain as the owner of a business process, we are writing this free eBook to demystify automation buzzword confusion and set the record straight once and for all.

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