The Rise of Automation

The Rise of Automation

The hum of machines as they descend on a dystopian landscape. The whirring of dusty fans as a Cold War era supercomputer becomes sentient. An ominous red glow beaming from a cyclopean robot scanning for lifeforms – is this the beginning of a bot revolution?

Sci-fi and horror genres are permeated with this idea of human-made bots extending past our control. But is it merely a trope of science fiction to be enjoyed in films and comics, or is there validity to the fear of automation?

The truth is, the rise of automation is already here – but that’s not a bad thing. Businesses everywhere are experiencing the benefits of automating mundane and data-heavy tasks with software that enables real people to focus on knowledge-based work that drives change.

What do Automated Bots Look Like?

We don’t recommend that you admit RoboCop into the office. Instead, RPA is software that handles remedial and repetitive functions via a team of digital workers. By performing low effort – high value tasks, RPA improves efficiency, reduces errors, and gives strategic time back to an oxygen-dependent workforce, without replacing them.

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