Blue Prism Healthcare eBook: A New Era of Outpatient Service Delivery

A New Era of Outpatient Service Delivery with Intelligent Automation

Blue Prism Healthcare: Outpatient Service Delivery RPA eBook

Outpatient populations across the globe are booming. Spurred by a move away from traditional healthcare settings and the COVID-19 pandemic, the way patients receive care is quickly evolving.

And while this signifies positive change in some areas, elsewhere improvements are being constrained by a climate of increasing skills shortages, budget deficits and inefficient, disconnected, operating environments. Sound familiar? We’re here to help.

Healthcare leaders are key to addressing these challenges and driving wide-scale improvements in outpatient care by embracing an evolving digital technology ecosystem, underpinned by the power of a dynamic and flexible digital workforce.

In our latest eBook, we explore how Blue Prism has seen the impacts of this in the US and UK, exploring:

  • The key challenges to providing exceptional patient experience in Outpatient settings
  • Where automation can be strategically applied to overcome these challenges
  • Real-life examples of healthcare organizations putting these solutions to action
Blue Prism RPA
RPA for Outpatient Transformation ebook

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