Process Intelligence Helps Hospitals Gain Efficiency and Save Money

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One of KeyMark’s process intelligence tools, ABBYY Timeline, provides an excellent in-depth and live-look at your processes to help you determine where bottlenecks are occurring. This tool is perfect for people who use data to determine how they can save money and speed up their processes, thus making their organization more efficient.

Today, we’re going to look at how ABBYY Timeline can benefit hospitals.

A Closer Look at Healthcare Processes

Every day, hospital patients experience a set of processes that have been put together through decades of people and systems. The reason many of these processes exist can sometimes be “tribal knowledge” in nature, and in other cases, they are based on compliance and regulations.

A hospital’s ability to process a patient through thousands of what we’ll refer to as “events” can be the difference between a good experience and a bad one. It can also be a significant source for cost savings and efficiency gains.

ABBYY Timeline Dashboards

ABBYY Timeline gives a hospital administration the “total view” of what is happening in their organization. Dashboards detail “events” like ordering lab tests, showing a patient arriving and receiving an x-ray result. A user can go granular, sorting these events into criteria like days of the week or means of patient arrival.

Once events are added, the dashboard can work its magic, allowing a user visual access to the time each process takes to complete. Digging into each process shows a hospital administrator how many events make up a process and where the time gaps are. Gaps in time may identify either overwhelming bottlenecks or slow-downs, where both the patient and the hospital are simply waiting. It will also expose traffic to select areas and processes, pointing to the need for additional, or reduced, headcount.

ABBYY Timeline Demonstration Video

The following video gives a detailed 30-minute demonstration of ABBYY Timeline for a hospital that uses Epic for medical record management. ABBYY Timeline can also be used within hospitals who use Cerner to manage its electronic medical records.

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