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Joey Barrett

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Since the earliest days of KeyMark’s existence, three words have defined our mission and commitment to our customers: knowledgeable, responsive, and trustworthy. We strive to embody these words every day, and we keep them in mind throughout all our decision-making processes. To succeed at being knowledgeable, we focus on hiring the right people, consistently investing in training, and becoming certified in the latest and best automation technology. To succeed at being trustworthy, we always aim to keep our word while understanding that trust must be earned. Finally, to ensure we succeed at being responsive, the 5 Minute Rule was created.

The 5 Minute Rule

The KeyMark 5 Minute Rule is very simple: if a customer, partner, or anyone we work with is upset for more than five minutes, we ask that they pick up the phone and call us.

The 5 Minute Rule was created by Jim Wanner, KeyMark CEO after the very first time a customer became upset. Vowing to never again let a problem go unsolved, Jim began to ask customers to call him personally if they ever had an issue arise. Now, with ‘responsive’ as one of our defining traits, we want customers to know that we are always here for them, no matter what the problem may be.

Put Us to the Test

While it is our goal and desire to implement solutions that always run perfectly, we realize that things happen. Fortunately, we stand ready to help our customers with whatever issue they face, big or small, as soon as they reach out to us. The 5 Minute Rule was created so that our customers know we’re on their side, and that our greatest desire is to see them succeed. 

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