Hyperautomation: #1 Technology Trend of 2020

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Everyone knows what automation is, and has probably heard of artificial intelligence — but what about Hyperautomation? Hyperautomation is the number one strategic technology trend happening this year. It’s more than a buzzword – it’s a movement that’s already under way, and it has the potential to create substantial disruptions – and big opportunities – for organizations all over the world over the next five to ten years. 

What is Hyperautomation?

Hyperautomation is the blending of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with advanced process intelligence tools, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

If you think about automation as a technology that automates tasks typically performed by humans, think about hyperautomation as a mix of technologies that augments humans further and solves even more complex problems. Instead of merely replicating human productivity, hyperautomation allows you to address more sophisticated and nuanced challenges – things that require cognitive abilities like analysis, assessment, measurements, monitoring and more. 

In short, hyperautomation delivers superhuman capabilities that yield AI-based decision making. 

Artificial Intelligence and RPA at KeyMark

Hyperautomation is something we’re fully capable of delivering today with two of our favorite business solutions: ABBYY Timeline and Blue Prism RPA. 

ABBYY Timeline is a process intelligence platform that gives you the ability to visualize bottlenecks in your processes. Blue Prism is the RPA tool that can help you banish those bottlenecks, once and for all. When combined together, the two can produce dynamic results that deliver significant improvements in productivity and greater clarity in strategic decision-making. 

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