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Forms InMotion: Born in the Lab, Thriving in the World

Today I’m geeking out about a KeyMark original: Forms InMotion. If you don’t already know about Forms InMotion, it’s an enterprise-level forms management tool that we developed to empower our customers to leverage paper-based forms online. Forms InMotion was born under the banner of KeyMark Labs, and you’ll find it in a wide range of real-world settings today, including government agencies, human resources departments and healthcare providers, among others. There’s even a kiosk option for organizations needing self-service capabilities.

Your Enterprise at Full Speed

So what does Forms InMotion do exactly? It allows you to centralize all of your PDF and HTML forms, making them accessible on any device – at any time – and keeping them connected to your most important data sources. We offer Forms InMotion in a hosted environment that’s provided by KeyMark or, if you prefer, you can install it on your own hardware as a local solution. You’ll find a long list of Forms InMotion features here, and, as much as I’d like to sing the praises of each of them, I’m going to focus my attention on something else. You see, as incredibly useful and configurable as Forms InMotion is for handling all types of online forms from virtually any platform, there’s something else worth highlighting, and it’s the fact that the Forms InMotion team prides itself on its responsiveness to customers. Case in point: I recently joined Forms InMotion developer Stuart Morris on a video conference with a customer. During the course of the conversation, Stuart revealed a number of current capabilities that were first requested by customers. Features like:
  • A workflow which is responsive to actions on the form or trigger conditions within fields
  • The ability to directly upload forms into DocuWare, OnBase and, now, ShareBase
  • The ability to customize a post submission behavior, sending users to a specific site or presenting a customized message when the form is submitted
  • The ability to add a signature to a form and record not just the date and time of the signature but all the entered field and form information at the time of signature
  • The ability to use a simple, drag-n-drop interface to create your own forms
  • The ability to attach documents with a submitted form
  • The ability to render versions of the form entirely server-side without presenting them to the users, including the ability to gather certain users metrics automatically
  • The ability to utilize external look-ups, coded in the form, for real-time retrieval and filtering of data as users type into a field (currently only available to users with a login)
  • The ability to copy fields from one form in a package to another
  • The ability to copy workflows from one form in a package to another
  • Geolocation tags on the form when a system is licensed for Esri
  • The ability to require form validation (built into a form’s HTML) before moving to the next form in the package
  • Allowing a user to download a form locally in order to complete offline for submission at a later date
  • The ability to expose or hide forms in packages based on data entered on other forms in the package
  • The ability to export and combination of:
    • The completed form (as HTML)
    • The completed form as an XML
    • The completed form as a PDF
    • The data from the completed form as a tagged index list for use in importing the form into a document management system
    • Attachments of a specific type
    • All attachments
    • Signatures

Getting More Awesome by the Minute

The above list of features is only what’s included in Forms InMotion today. Who knows what additional features will be requested by customers and added in the near future? That said, based on customer feedback, we do know of a few enhancements that are already in the works, including:
  • A more robust form creation tool
  • The ability to trigger a workflow based on if a particular field is or is not filled out
  • The ability to allow anonymous users to utilize external look-ups for fields
  • The ability to include IP address information of the computer used when a signature is applied to the form, where available

You Spoke, We Listened

In my experience, when it comes to implementing a software development plan, it’s one thing to promise to respond to customer feedback and requests – it’s quite another thing to follow through on it and actually make it happen. However, with Forms InMotion, our customers’ needs aren’t simply one piece of the development plan – it’s the backbone of the product. Our development team is focused on making Forms InMotion more usable – as our customers define “usable.” It’s the unspoken mission of the product, and our team has proven that the mission is anything but impossible. And that’s worth geeking out about!

Get Your Geek On

Are you a fan of Forms InMotion? If so, did I fail to mention one of your favorite features or, better yet, do you have something you’d like to add to your wish list of enhancements? Feel free to comment below or contact us today with details. Until next time, geek on!
Geeking Out About is a series of blogs written by KeyMark’s resident trainer Amy Halperin. According to Amy, “Some things are just worth geeking out about.”

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