Love OnBase Like You Love Your Car

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Why did you buy the car you currently drive?

Was it the good gas mileage? Was it the manufacturer’s reputation for durability? Was it the luxury features or technology? Was it seating capacity or towing capability? More likely than not, it was a good value for a particular combination of these factors.

Whatever your motivation, it stands to reason that not everyone who owns a car considers the same set of factors to establish value. Every purchaser finds value in different product qualities – otherwise, we’d all drive the same car.

The same is true for software.

Because your company is unique, your needs are unique. Although many large software vendors have tried to be the all-terrain vehicle of enterprise software, many have failed. OnBase, however, has a unique combination of qualities that make it a smart investment and a reliable product. Here we list five factors that make OnBase as easy to love as your car:


OnBase stands atop the Content Services industry as an Enterprise-level Application useful for solving problems across all verticals, industries, and fields. Whether Commercial, Financial, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Accounts Payable, Human Resources, or IT – OnBase elevates our customers’ efficiency in a wide variety of business processes. Furthermore, OnBase integrates with numerous Line of Business applications already held core to our customers’ business processes.

There is no need to sacrifice functionality for the convenience of an out-of-the-box product when OnBase can be customized to work with software that is already in place.


From versatility we look to see how OnBase can be expanded within an organization. This expansion is twofold – both deep and wide. In terms of a deep expansion, I’d appeal to OnBase’s support of a large user base of over 8,000 individual organizations in the US, as well as to customers who use OnBase to drive every job function for an entire department. Consider an Accounts Payable department, who receives invoices in OnBase and processes the entire approval chain within OnBase to authorize payment. In terms of a wide expansion, I simply need to appeal back to the versatility of OnBase.

Your organization is more than just one department, and organizations function best when all departments are in sync and communicating. Deploying OnBase across your Enterprise can help keep your organization in sync as your business processes span management levels and departmental interdependencies.


The question that arises when you expand across departments and to a large user base is if the application can be supported effectively. This is where I must mention KeyMark’s industry-leading Support Team backed by direct access to the OnBase Support Team at Hyland. If this team doesn’t know the answer offhand, they have the resources and commitment to work through any issue that arises and give you the confidence that you’re in good hands.

You’ll never walk alone as you work through upgrades, maintenance, and day-to-day troubleshooting. With such a strong network behind you and the personal accessibility of KeyMark Support, it’s plain to see why OnBase is more easily supported than a custom-developed or niche application.


The next logical progression in demonstrating the value of OnBase is keeping a solution running once it has become vital to business. The solution must be dependable, stable, and secure, and OnBase is more than prepared to stand the test of these requirements. OnBase is configurable for High Availability and Failover environments, and can be backed up as part of an organizational effort towards Disaster Recovery.

The security features list for OnBase is far too long to enumerate in its entirety, but includes available features like Active Directory integration, database encryption, disk group encryption, and granular management of user rights and permissions. KeyMark values information in the hands of the people who need it, when they need it. OnBase accomplishes this by investing in the dependability and stability of the platform so the people who need the information have access to it. The other aspect of this value is demonstrating the ability to prevent this information from falling into the wrong hands. From either perspective, OnBase’s commitment to these features speaks to its proven reliability.


Beyond these factors above, OnBase makes it easy to accommodate a variety of accessibility needs. OnBase offers two options for desktop clients, as well as a thin Web Client for widespread distribution and a Disconnected Scanning application for remote or field employees. Whether you need to collaborate across the nation, across the world, or just across the office, OnBase can provide access in a way that best fits your organizational needs.

Furthermore, OnBase affords Cloud storage options if on-premise hardware isn’t available within your server architecture. With so many accessibility options offered, OnBase ensures your information is available wherever you need it. This series of needs would seem to be intertwined – at tension with each other and requiring a sacrifice in one area to meet a need in another. This doesn’t need to be the case. OnBase is designed with a holistic view of organizational needs, capable of balancing the unique combination of factors that you value most.

To bring this full-circle with the car analogy, you’d find that OnBase is, as I mentioned before, “A good value for a particular combination of these factors.” Whether it’s versatility, scalability, supportability, reliability, or accessibility, OnBase can provide a complete solution that rests at the intersection of these needs, and KeyMark can help put together the right package of modules, applications, customizations, Professional Services, maintenance, and support to meet your needs and elevate your organizational efficiency.

I hope you love the car you drive, but it’s for these reasons I know you’ll love OnBase.

Have you found love with the features offered in OnBase?

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