CommunityLIVE 2022 — Top Three Takeaways

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CommunityLIVE 2022 — Top Three Takeaways

Thanks to all who joined KeyMark, Hyland, the many other vendors, and of course, The Barenaked Ladies at CommunityLIVE 2022! It’s always a joy to connect more intimately with our customers and grow in a shared understanding of Hyland’s many capabilities. Much was covered at this year’s conference, but whether you couldn’t make it this year, or simply need a brief refresh of some of the topics discussed, here’s a quick download of our top three CommunityLIVE 2022 highlights!

#1 Foundation 22.1

The latest model of the OnBase platform, Foundation 22.1, introduces several integrations, upgrades to administration, and enhancements to UX. All said and done, Foundation 22.1 brings 3,100 new features and improvements to OnBase. While we won’t unpack every improvement, here are a few that stuck out to us during the opening presentation.

UX Improvements

Foundation 22.1 brings a more accessible and modern version of OnBase thanks to some highly sought-after improvements to UX. In addition to added languages for OnBase mobile and a departure from ActiveX controls, Foundation 22.1 introduces design features to Light Mode and, after over 5,000 votes in Hyland Community, the addition of OnBase Dark Mode!

Better Unity Forms and Building Tools

Another highly wished-for deliverable, particularly among designers, was enhancements to OnBase Unity Forms. Foundation 22.1 offers greater functionality to Unity Forms with added abilities to disable or search custom actions, as well as copy/paste elements within a form or between forms.

Workflow and Workview also received several updates for accelerated solution building and tools to create more responsive interfaces. Find the full list of release notes on the Hyland Community page.

#2 SAP SuccessFactors for HR

The Great Resignation and the War for Talent rage on — subjects we’ve covered extensively in past blogs. Regardless of how your organization is choosing to respond, the labors of HR have grown seismically as a result. Weighed by employee exits, new hires, policy changes, and all the paperwork those entail — HR departments are long due for a power-up.

In addition to Foundation 22.1 upgrades, Hyland showed off their latest integration with SAP SuccessFactors for HR — and it couldn’t come at a better time. Hyland reviewed how the new SAP SuccessFactors integration improves human capital management by bringing the functionality to capture, flag, route, and save content to OnBase, all within the SAP SuccessFactors interface. Empowered by this integration, HR can now devote less time juggling apps and data silos and more time finalizing hires to grow the business.

#1 Hyperautomation

KeyMark has been discussing holistic Hyperautomation solutions for the past several years, so it was stimulating to see Hyland share similar thoughts on the transformative power of separate automations that weave, integrate, and expand upon each other.

Hyland has built-out software that covers nearly every core function of a Hyperautomation model (see our model rocket ship for an example) — including solutions for workflow, case management, data capture, storage, and even robotic process automation (RPA). In many ways, Hyland has (almost) everything you need to bring about an all-inclusive automation portfolio within a single vendor. That’s good news for some, but the true beauty of Hyperautomation lies in its customizability. With a knowledgeable partner at your side, you can rapidly vet and automate your struggling business processes with hand-picked solutions that are tailor-made to what’s suitable for you. Download our Hyperautomation eBook to learn more!

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The Path Forward

Looking ahead, Hyland shared their vision for 2023 – 2025 and beyond, including innovation for more UX improvements, greater platform flexibility, more integrations, and a more scalable and secure content platform. We thank you again for joining us all at CommunityLIVE 2022 and are excited to continue exploring the OnBase platform with each and every one of you for the years to come.

To discuss Hyland products or other topics presented at the conference, please reach out to an account manager!

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