Automation Trends for a Happy New Year

2023 New Year Automation Trends


Alex Lipinski

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A Year in Review

2022 saw the growth of automation stars like Hyperautomation, Process Mining, and Low Code technology — and while those capabilities will continue to reign in business process automation, changes in the economy and throughout industries will drive new and old strategies that maximize the effectiveness and ROI of automation in the 2023.

Here’s our automation strategy guide for 2023:

Do More with Less

Regardless of how you interpret scarcity, 2023 will see companies attempt to achieve their goals in the face of rising costs and fewer resources. Resultantly, doing more with less might seem like a challenging feat. But for organizations already with investments in automation technology, additional cost-savings can be uncovered by utilizing process mining and assessment technology.

Process mining and assessments survey the current state of automations, uncovering strategies for optimization and further utilization. As such, 2023 will see a rise in businesses wielding process mining and assessments to get the very most out of their existing investments.

In addition to process mining, change management should, could, and likely will become a major priority for organizations to keep pace with technologically evolving departments. We’ve discussed at length the use of CoE’s to bring about the smooth transition of automation into business use. Among your CoE should include a role for Change Management to aid the knowledge transfer of automation to users and — importantly in the time of the Big Quit — to show them that automation is not meant to replace their job but rather to improve and streamline their workload.

Change the Ineffective

When was the last time you checked the market for new solutions to an old problem? Along the same lines as automation optimization, automations can become obsolete, outdated, or unsupported — and you shouldn’t wait around to find out if a previously relied upon software still works. In other words, while “set it and forget it” is the rule of thumb for good ol’ fashioned Southern BBQ, it’s not advisable logic for automation software.

Technology is constantly changing — and with it, growth opportunities. In a 2022 survey conducted by Foundry, 40% of surveyed CIOs and LOB professionals acknowledged a shift in priorities to modernize technological infrastructure and applications. As such, 2023 is sure to continue trending software conversions as organizations progress from outdated systems to today’s cutting-edge automation software.

Determine New Ways to Support Automation

Business Process Automation itself has been a yearly trend that continues to grow. In fact, the latest stats speculate that the business process automation industry will rise annually, reaching as much as 19.6 billion in value by 2026. With all that growth comes the need for organizations to staff teams that are digitally savvy to operate new technology. Currently, however, the war on talent and the Great Resignation have other plans.
To ease the search for new hires, organizations are getting creative with where and how they access top talent, relying on outsourcing to quickly fill gaps in team composition or utilizing more permanent solutions such as Dedicated Resources.
Dedicated Resources are experts in specific software platforms sourced, trained, supported, and supplied for you by someone else. Think of it like a talent loan. Dedicated Resources are an efficient way to get the exact experience needed to manage automations without the hassles and overhead of hiring. KeyMark has seen the demand for our Dedicated Resource program increase, largely in the last two years. So if you’re short on staff and need help managing current or new automations, we can help you get the people you need.
Make Enterprise-Wide Automation a Top Priority
In many cases, we’ve seen organizations introduce business process automation on an “as-needed” basis. While organizations certainly achieve cost and productivity enhancements by applying automation to business processes that need it the most, there are further savings being left behind. Furthermore, individual automations operating in some, but not all departments, can compound the problem of department silos by creating technological gaps between teams. But change is in the air.
Siloed departments and disparate systems are becoming more obsolete in 2023 as decision-makers realize the value-add of enterprise-wide and holistic automation by integrating automation everywhere. 
And the added value is shown in the data. According to an Everest Report commissioned by UiPath — total enterprise automation unlocked an additional 40% productivity and efficiency gain for visionaries versus the benefits of individual “as-needed” automations.
That’s a big improvement, but we’ve still got one final hot take to give. Although the industry rapidly evolves and grows, there are still very few, if any, platforms to offer capabilities that can automate every single one of your business process needs. How then can you achieve enterprise-wide automation with software that doesn’t officially collaborate? As amazing as intelligent automation is, the answer still lies in people.
KeyMark helps our customers achieve true holistic automation by understanding the ways that separate IA’s and AI’s like RPA, automated workflow, process mining, cloud storage and analytical reporting work together. And that’s the power of partnership. Utilizing experience and industry know-how, a trusted partner wields Hyperautomation to rapidly vet, transform, and support your entire ecosystem of business processes. If enterprise-wide automation with a knowledgeable partner and award-winning support is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, we’d love to get in touch.

Kick-off Your 2023 Right!

Contact Team KeyMark and begin your Enterprise Wide Automation journey for the New Year.
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