5 Ways Automation Technology Can Untangle State Budget Offices

How to Automate State Budget Office Data Management


Guy Pittman

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Automate State Budget Offices for Better Outcomes.

We all want our state and local governments to serve us more efficiently, effectively, and quickly. But, as a state government employee, you know the daily realities of manual data collection and entry, lack of visibility into processes, and tangled webs of exceptions. Especially in a state budget office. 

How can your agency get back to work on building better communities when you spend all your time collecting paperwork and chasing missing data? 

Imagine a world where you can seamlessly route budget requests from each agency, manage approvals, and disburse fillable budget forms all from a user-friendly dashboard. Imagine government forms being automatically created, completed, and received without you driving those steps. And, imagine you actually have complete control over permissions settings, ensuring only the right people have access to critical documents and data. 

KeyMark can help you build that dream today through proven automation solutions like OnBase and by leveraging unique integrated tools such as Robotic Process Automation. By centrally managing your content and automating core repetitive business processes, you can eliminate  inefficiencies, free your team to thrive, and create winning outcomes for the people you serve. 

Here are just five of the important ways OnBase can transform your state budget process into a model of modern efficiency:

1. Reduce the time required to collect and evaluate budget data.

Instead of managing spreadsheets and re-entering data from PDF forms on your website, automation technology collects the data and stores that content centrally in a single, secure repository.  

2. Provide visibility into the collection and approval process.

It’s hard for you to keep track of where agencies are in the budgeting process, much less the countless department directors that need your attention. OnBase will give you full visibility into what data has been collected and who is responsible for providing any missing information.

3. Reduce errors and discrepancies in your data.

If you’re currently re-entering data manually across multiple spreadsheets, the risk of human error probably weighs heavy on your mind. Automation solutions ensure that your team is working with the right data from the right sources every time. 

4. Eliminate the possibility of misplaced or lost data.

You put in countless hours collecting the puzzle pieces of data your office requires to function. There’s not much more frustrating than missing pieces, lost in email or buried in file cabinets. OnBase’s central content management system ensures that every point of data received will always be right where you need it to be. 

5. Avoid duplicate data.

If you’re currently working in a “custom” data management system, it’s unlikely that data is connected to the multiple spreadsheets you’re managing alongside it. Instead of juggling multiple instances of duplicate data, OnBase connects your tools to a single instance of every document, form, or request you need.

Tied to a legacy platform? Lack the IT funding to make the leap?
Fill the Gaps with RPA!

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for State Budget Offices

If your IT funding is already tied to a legacy system, a new investment in OnBase might not make sense for your agency right now. That’s why KeyMark is also fluent in how RPA can automate core repetitive business processes, unify your data, and eliminate manual data entry. Here are three quick reasons to consider adding RPA to your current solution:

  1. RPA can use “digital workers” to move data between systems, freeing your team from manual data entry, saving time, and reducing human error.
  2. RPA can streamline budget requests by monitoring your email and creating push notifications for items ready to review.
  3. RPA workflows can reconcile final budget numbers to ensure your results are balanced and accurate, reducing risk and confusion.

As a systems integrator, KeyMark will do more than just put these automation solutions in place. We’ll actually help you identify gaps in your workflow and build digital automation capabilities that bridge those gaps and complement your existing IT investments. And, because OnBase and RPA solutions are inherently scalable, these benefits can provide the same positive workflow improvements to your peers and colleagues throughout the entire state agency. 

We want to empower your team to be faster, better informed, and happier. We want to help make your state (and ours) a better place to be a citizen. And, automation is the solution.

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