4 Reasons to Switch from Perspective to OnBase

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Hyland’s acquisition of Perceptive Software means that Hyland now owns and supports Perceptive’s suite of products. The Perceptive suite helps businesses with content and process management solutions, focusing on capture, connection, and automation. As organizations with Perceptive continue to migrate to Hyland services, now is a great time to consider a move to OnBase for process management services. Here are 4 reasons organizations should think about a switch: 

Perceptive to OnBase

1. Form Simplicity

One of the many functions of both Perceptive and OnBase is the ability to collect data and drive business processes with forms. In Perceptive, eForms are custom-built in HTML or JavaScript — essentially a webpage within the Document Viewer. OnBase’s Unity Client, on the other hand, makes form creation easier with a no-code-required setup. With drag-and-drop features and easy-to-map data points, Unity Client allows forms to be created in a matter of minutes. 

2. Easier Reporting

Reporting is a crucial aspect of any process management system. Knowing where you’re operating at peak efficiency and where your bottlenecks are occurring only helps an organization grow. OnBase’s built-in reporting dashboard solution makes reading the data easy, featuring drag-and-drop and automation that helps users display the information they want. Perceptive’s reporting platform requires more customization and more work, as it’s hosted outside of the Perceptive suite. 

3. Upgraded Document Indexing

Document Indexing, or document storage, is one of the main components of a process management system. In OnBase, document types are filed and organized in document type groups. Search features allow users to easily access information through keyword searches, and the document retrieval window creates a convenient look and feel. Perceptive’s document indexing is a bit more complicated, with documents being organized into drawers. To search for and access documents, users must select ‘views,’ then go through pre-configured filters, and then enter values to execute the search. Perceptive also includes character limits in searches, whereas OnBase does not. 

4. Low-Code Configuration

A core tenet of OnBase is the ability to reduce cost and development time through its low-code development platform. One example is in the transfer of functionality from a test environment to a production environment. In Perceptive, there is a utility for this kind of migration, but it often gets hung up on errors and results in manual coding. In OnBase, however, the migration tool will actually tell users where an error is occurring and help them fix it before it enters the production environment, saving time and a lot of stress.

The Best of the Best

OnBase has been named among the top Enterprise Content Management platforms for years, and consistently performs to the highest of standards for Hyland customers. While both Perceptive and OnBase will now receive the same great Hyland support and care, now is a great time to consider the crucial benefits of an OnBase system. How would your organization benefit from switching to OnBase? 

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