Remote Workforce Tips

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The Remote Workforce is Growing!

KeyMark’s employee-base and customer-base both span across the US and Canada. In order to provide the highest quality work to our customers, we strive to employ the industry’s best sales team, engineers, support staff, and analysts. To do this effectively and provide support across all time zones, it means having team members that work remotely, which can provide potential challenges with daily interaction, responsiveness, and engagement.

We pride ourselves on our promise to be the most knowledgeable, trustworthy and responsive partner to our customers; therefore, employee engagement is critical regardless of their geographic location.

As a remote employee based out of Denver, Colorado, here are some personal tips I’ve found helpful.

Five methods that I have found to feel engaged and connected to the Mothership:

  1. Chat – Utilize group chats in Skype. Create them. Join them. Monitor them. Use them.
  2. Read Everything – Read internal communications and emails. While not all of the information contained in these emails is always applicable to your role or location, they can encapsulate a lot of company conversations you otherwise would miss and they keep you culturally connected.
  3. Collaboration – If you need to collaborate, brainstorm or knowledge transfer, leverage technology made for that purpose. Screensharing with Skype, WebEx or GoToMeeting breaks down barriers of geography and physical spaces and makes virtual meetings more engaging and collaborative.
  4. More Collaboration…even if you don’t think it’s necessary – If you don’t think you need to collaborate, do it anyway. Lean on your coworkers’ expertise to assist you and help you grow. Most learning is adhoc and conversational, so try extra hard to keep yourself in the conversations.
  5. Team Goals – Let the goals set by your managers become a focus. Absorb them and focus on applying them to your daily routine. There is no better way to feel a part of a team than to celebrate wins and learn from losses, together.

You get out what, you put in.

Although many of the tools and systems used are provided by KeyMark, I carry a responsibility to stay connected and informed. We are all busy, so often it takes an intentional effort for me to make sure I stay connected… but it is always worth it.

What are some other communication hacks you’ve found to stay connected as a remote employee?

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