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August 26, 2019

RPA: The Real Multi-Tasking

RPA: The Real Multi-Tasking


Greg Aiken

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Do you remember the days of the 70s executive? I’m talking about the days where offices sported large oak desks stacked with paper (paperweights!), a telephone, maybe a typewriter, some family photos for the sentimental type, a really nice pen and a legal pad?

Today’s office has evolved, starting with computers and internet access for every employee. We are much more connected, which enables mounting opportunities for today’s workforce to be in a constant state of juggling projects. No longer do we have to wait to receive items in the mail. Email, enterprise content management systems and messaging apps satisfy our need to send and receive information quickly.

At any given time, KeyMark’s marketing team is working on 90+ projects at once. This type of work requires a clear, unscattered mind to be able to focus and prioritize in real time, while doing the work to hit required deadlines. It seems everyone you talk to about work is just always “busy.”

I wager that technology created and evolved this monster we call “busy-ness.” But the benefit to technology in this case is that it has enabled us to crank out many multiples of the work that we were able to do without computers.

As a result, you hear people use the word “multi-tasking.” But, I challenge that idea:

Can the human really take on multiple tasks at the same time, as the phrasing offers, or are we just products of an A.D.D. work environment?

If focus is diverted away from one thing to do another, are you doing two things at once or are you breaking attention on one thing to do another?

Enter: robotic process automation, or RPA. RPA is technology that truly helps businesses to “multi-task.” A digital worker can dynamically take on many user-defined tasks, and free the human employee to do more valuable work that requires cognitive skill.

With RPA, an organization can effectively double production by unleashing their digital workforce alongside their traditional human workforce. Just like it has done since the picture of that oaken 70s desk, technology will continue to evolve. Make sure you pick a partner who can help you clear the paper from your desk and deploy technology to give your busy employees a little focus.

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