Making Quick Work of Business Process Automation

One of the challenges in improving productivity at any organization is locating information that is time-consuming to process and making it readily available. Robotic Process Automation allows you to acquire, enhance and deliver information from virtually any application or data source – including websites, portals, desktop applications and enterprise systems – without the need for web services, APIs, or custom coding.

Minutes matter when it comes to efficiency. It may take only a few minutes for an employee to log in and out of multiple systems each day, but a few minutes each day adds up to hours and hours each year – for a single employee. Couldn’t this time be better spent providing personalized service to your customers, clients or constituents or making strategic decisions that only a human can make?

Robotic process automation bridges the gap between your systems of engagement and your systems of record, so your team can focus on the tasks that matter most. With the help of computer-coded software robots, you can:

  • Gather, collate and validate information automatically
  • Synthesize and analyze structured and unstructured data
  • Record and transport information and data
  • Calculate a position or value and/or decide what to do
  • Communicate with and assist users, clients and customers
  • Orchestrate and manage activities (both robotic and people-based)
  • Monitor, detect or report operational performance
  • Learn, anticipate and forecast behavior or outcomes

RPA Implementation Team

Whether you already use robotic process automation or if you’re still considering what RPA can do for you, KeyMark has a fully-staffed, experienced implementation team who is ready to help you with your next Blue Prism or Kapow RPA project. Oftentimes, bots (or digital workers) are concurrent, so they don’t have to just be programmed to do one thing. Let us help you maximize your investment!

Automation That Allows You to Land and Expand

With Robotic Process Automation, it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing approach. You can start with a single process and expand as needed to meet peak loads, adapt to ever-changing business needs or grow as your organization grows. Let us put robots to work for you in the most efficient – and effective – ways possible.

Download the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Overview from KeyMark and start the process of letting our experts help make your organization smarter, stronger and more productive.


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