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Medicaid Automation

Nash County Automates Medicaid Records

Medicaid Record Automation in Nash County, NC Nash County, North Carolina is implementing a new electronic…
Hyland Case Study

Bremerton Housing Authority Case Study

The Challenge Like many organizations around the country, Bremerton Housing Authority (BHA) in Washington state was…
Hyland Case Study

Alameda City Housing Overcomes Challenges With OnBase

The Challenge Housing authorities are accustomed to balancing the needs of two very different groups. First,…
Hyland Case Study

Colorado Housing/Finance Authority Inbox

The Challenge Based in Denver with 170 employees, the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) focuses…
Hyland Case Study

MassHousing Case Study

The Challenge Since making its first loan in 1970, the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency (MassHousing) (Boston)…
Hyland Case Study: Law Enforcement- Broward

Lock Down Human Resources, Jail and Other Records

Broward Sheriff’s Office Finding the right employees is important in any operation, but for public safety…
Hyland Case Study: Health & Human Services

Health and Human Services Solution Sheet

The Basics These are critical times for health and human service agencies. Slashes in staff and…
Hyland Case Study: Real Solutions - Stockton

Records Dept. Invokes the Right to Remain Paperless

If you commit a crime in Stockton, CA, expect the police report to be around forever….
Hyland Case Study: Rhode Island OCSS

Rhode Island Dept of Human Services

Rhode Island Department of Human Services, OCSS “Sometimes challenges bring opportunities, and this was one of…
Hyland Case Study: Law Enforcement

Find law enforcement records fast on a budget

Industry Solution The Basics To keep the public safe, law enforcement professionals have to act and…
Hyland Case Study: ECM For Health & Human Services

Improve client services with ECM for health and human services

The Basics Health and human services agencies fight to improve our communities and respond even in…
Hyland Case Study: Detroit Police Department

Detroit Police Department

Most organizations are continually looking for faster and more efficient ways to meet the needs of…