UiPath Automation Platform Overview

As the way we do business becomes increasingly complex, the need is great to simplify wherever possible. Empower your entire enterprise with an automation solution that encourages independence by enabling workers to identify their own areas for automation, create solutions, and measure success – ultimately allowing them to focus on work that drives change.

UiPath is a fully enterprise-governed automation platform with end-to-end solutions. By using process and task mining functions, paired with a centralized automation hub, everyone in your organization has the ability to flag cumbersome and mundane processes in their day-to-day workload. Through a user-friendly studio those same people can then create personal bots that work for them. Whether in sales or IT, your entire team can implement RPA with little to no coding experience required, ultimately reducing strain on in-house tech support.

Finally, give your whole enterprise access to their new digital workforce from anywhere with the cloud-enabled Orchestrator, allowing them to monitor the quality of automations, gain access to analytic data, and further optimize the bots – securely and in full accordance with IT policies.

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