Epic Automation Examples

Sam Whitten discusses RPA and Epic software.

Epic Automation Examples Episode 10: RPA and Epic – A Perfect Match The following is a transcription from Episode 11 of The Orange Chair Podcast, “RPA and Epic – A Perfect Match.” In this episode, we sit down with Sam Whitten, Director of RPA Sales for KeyMark. We discuss examples of how Blue Prism RPA […]

Leadership and Technology, Part 2


Leadership and Technology Trends Episode 8: Leadership and Technology, Part 2 The following is a transcription from Episode 8 of The Orange Chair Podcast. This continues our two-part “Leadership and Technology” series. Today’s episode covers topics about leadership strategies, obtaining buy-in and empowering your team.  We’ll be interviewing Clemson University’s Director of Leadership Development and […]

The Orange Chair Podcast, Episode 2: RPA, Capture, Case Management and Workflow

What is Intelligent Automation? Episode 2: Introduction to Intelligent Automation The following is a transcription from Episode 2 of The Orange Chair Podcast.  The podcast talks about intelligent technology that can be used to automate any type of organization. To listen to the full episode, or any other episode, you may do so by selecting […]

KeyMark CEO Featured on Clemson University Podcast

Wanner Featured in Business Innovation Podcast KeyMark’s CEO, Jim Wanner, was featured in Clemson University’s “Business of Innovation Pawdcast.” Here, Jim discusses his outlook for Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation technology, KeyMark’s desire to help customers and his dashed dreams of being the Philly Frenetic. Enjoy! What You Can Do Next: Follow KeyMark on Twitter, […]