South Carolina’s OnBase Investment

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Since 2006, OnBase by Hyland and KeyMark have partnered with the State of South Carolina to provide a state-of-the-art enterprise content management (ECM) solution to all state agencies, counties and local municipalities.

The existing OnBase investment allows you to build workflows, automate your business processes, and provide disaster recovery protection, at a fraction of the cost of a stand-alone document management solution.

You may not realize this solution is in place, so here are six simple ways you can begin to benefit from the State’s investment:

  1. No RFP Hassles  – The purchase process is easy and hassle-free and no RFP is required, meaning your solution is in place quicker
  2. Guaranteed Discounts – Discounted pricing has already been established on your behalf
  3. Existing Infrastructure – You can build your solution directly on top of the The State’s investment in the existing core OnBase infrastructure
  4. On-Premise Options – If you prefer to host your own solution you still benefit from the guaranteed pricing and the hassle-free purchase process
  5. Industry Leading Partners – OnBase by Hyland is a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader for ECM and KeyMark is not only local, but is a leading OnBase Diamond Support Partner
  6. Ongoing Support – You get access to KeyMark’s support, help desk services and professional services team to grow with you as your needs evolve

“Employees are happier that they aren’t spending so many hours in the file room. It’s also helped us improve our customer service levels, as we can easily pull up loan information when we’re talking to a customer over the phone.”

–  Donna Fletcher, Information Technology Project Coordinator at SC State Housing

OnBase is already widely used across many of South Carolina’s agencies, counties and municipalities, including:

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