Three Questions To Ask If You’re Considering an ECM Software Upgrade

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Three Questions To Ask If You’re Considering an ECM Software Upgrade.

Does your business, agency or organization have an enterprise content management (ECM) system in place? If so, you already realize what an integral role the system plays in your daily operations.

Converting or upgrading your system can be a scary proposition. Whether you are working with an unsupported legacy system, your current needs have changed or you’re considering an upgrade, you probably have questions similar to these:

  • Will an update or conversion cost me an arm and a leg?
  • If we convert to a new system, how will we re-train all of our users and administrative team?
  • Will converting to a new system be worth it? If so, how can I justify the conversion to management?
  • Has anyone ever even converted from my current system to the new systems on the market?

As a document management solutions provider that has performed hundreds of successful ECM implementations, KeyMark has worked with organizations in many different industries looking to upgrade or convert existing ECM software systems.

If you’re considering an ECM software upgrade or conversion, our team recommends asking the following three important questions:

1. How stable is the ECM system you are evaluating? (How long has it been around? Who owns it? What is its track record?)

An ECM system is an important investment. You need to make sure you’re not investing in a system that isn’t going to be around very long or doesn’t offer ongoing support.

In other words, look for a system with a proven track record. At KeyMark, we partner with OnBase, a long-time proven leader in the ECM industry. We like that OnBase is 100 percent focused on ECM – just like us.

2. Does the ECM software provide the capabilities you need for the long-term?

When it comes to evaluating ECM software, be sure to focus on both your current and future needs. We’ve found OnBase to be the most proven and preferred legacy ECM replacement system with its product depth and breadth all under one code base/repository. Plus, OnBase’s commitment to configurability over code is rare (capture, purpose-built UIs, workflow, integration, vertical R&D, mobile, case, etc.).

3. Does the solution provider you’re considering display competence throughout the total life of the new product?

As you’re evaluating solution providers, be sure to ask about the provider’s track record of successful ECM installations and conversions. Also inquire about customer references – these are important insights into what kind of service and ongoing support the company really provides.

It’s also important to find a partner who can understand your business and business challenges and has the capability to recommend and configure an ECM system that fits your needs.

Hopefully, these three questions will assist you in your quest to upgrade or replace your ECM system when the time is right. Are there other important things you’re looking for in an ECM system?

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