Tax Collection Is As Easy As Driving A Car

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I recently went on a road trip from my home in South Carolina to visit family in Oklahoma and Texas…

I sat for 14 hours straight, and I was exhausted, but in reality I didn’t have to do much over the 1,000 mile drive. My car did most of the work: the accelerator told the engine how fast to go; the brake controlled how quickly I could stop, etc.

A lot was happening under the hood of the car, but all I had to do was turn on cruise control and keep my eyes on the road. Car manufacturers have made driving incredibly simple- I can’t imagine having to manually complete each process. I may still drive 14 hours, but I would be lucky to get to Georgia, much less Texas, if I had to manually handle each process a car requires.

Today, most tax collection bureaus are manually completing each process in their office. But instead of it all being under the hood of one car, they have to jump from system to system (and office to office) to complete job processes. The ERP system that holds all of the data stands alone, so manually inputting data from other systems is required.

Think of all the different systems and processes you manage in your bureau…

  • handling tax reporting documents
  • remissions
  • check handling
  • generating letters and notices
  • being able to pull a report at a moment’s notice
  • locating individuals or companies that didn’t file or pay

All the while you are doing these things, you’re also working to keep the data secure. Now all of the data from those processes must also be put back into the database.

This is exhausting…but it doesn’t have to be.

Instead of jumping from system to system, or handling processes on paper, what if you had just one system? Instead of being weeks behind schedule, tax bureaus can stay ahead of the game. An integrated system using KeyMark’s host of state-of-the-art products means tax collectors can do their job quicker, more accurately, and more efficiently than ever before.

KeyMark has helped tax bureaus automate their offices and processes by facilitating eFiling, including: uploading of documents; processing online payments and handling checks; automating letter generation for key triggers like delinquency; accessing information in real-time; and quickly generating reports.

Just like I let my car do all the work so I could go further, tax collectors can accomplish more and save money by automating business processes and consolidating systems. Instead of trying to make each part of your process work, why don’t you make it all work for you? Automation and efficiency are what sets organizations apart in the 21st century.

Which process are you ready to automate?

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