Leadership and Technology, Part 1


Leadership and Technology Trends Episode 7: Leadership and Technology, Part 1 The following is a transcription from Episode 7 of The Orange Chair Podcast. Today, we’ll begin a two-part series that covers a variety of topics about leadership strategies and technology trends within organizations. We’ll be interviewing Clemson University’s Director of Leadership Development and Corporate […]

A Very Special Holiday Party Guest: Mr. Danny Clemson

Wow, we had a wonderful surprise guest this week at KeyMark’s Holiday Party and Open House in Camp Hill, PA. Michael Glaser and Dawson Flinchbaugh – yes, the notorious Dawson of Chili Chief fame and owner of Flinchy’s – invited Mr. Danny Clemson, their friend and local Mechanicsburg, PA resident. In case you weren’t aware, KeyMark’s blood runneth orange […]