How South Carolina is Automating State Government

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For years, KeyMark has helped South Carolina government agencies automate their processes as a State Contract OnBase vendor. Through this contract, South Carolina state agencies benefit from discounted prices on OnBase, as well as easy purchasing without the requirement of an RFP. Most importantly, these agencies are becoming more efficient and productive than ever before as they utilize technology like case management, workflow, robotic process automation and more.

Our Solutions

For a better understanding of how we help SC state agencies, take a look at three key examples:

1. Workflow

One state agency currently utilizes OnBase to automate their entire budgeting process, which in the past had become a time-consuming and burdensome task. The department was using spreadsheets that were constantly emailed back-and-forth between employees, making it almost impossible to track inventory or personnel and creating big security issues.

When the agency implemented OnBase, a workflow solution was created that allowed them to manage every part of the budgeting process. This solution provided more access, visibility, and collaboration to employees, all while adding security to the process. Automated tasks like approvals and routing keep everything in the correct order, and Workview gives them a complete view of all the necessary information. ShareBase allows all their documents and files to be securely shared and synced, and dashboards help employees create reports quickly and easily.

2. Case Management

Another South Carolina agency is using OnBase for case management and benefit determinations. Originally, documents and forms associated with the process were sent as hard copies in the mail to a single location, which were then opened and sent to case workers. This highly manual process needed an upgrade, so we helped the agency transition to a completely electronic system. Using workflow, the agency can now automatically transfer cases to the proper employee in a matter of minutes, and every part of the process is handled within OnBase.

3. Document Capture and Storage

Multiple South Carolina agencies are utilizing technology to help convert old documents and files to digital copies. These agencies possessed thousands and thousands of documents that not only took up too much space, but also made finding records extremely difficult. With OnBase’s document capture and retrieval capabilities, these agencies how have secure, electronic libraries where they can easily access information. New documents are simply scanned and stored into the new digital files.

Can Your Agency Benefit? 

More and more government agencies are using technology to automate and modernize their processes. Creating solutions that allow your most important agency functions to take place in one secure, efficient system will allow your organization to consistently perform at the highest level. Whether you’re looking for added security, removal of physical documents and files, automated workflow, or any other kind of increase in efficiency, there are solutions available to solve your problems. Agencies in South Carolina are already proving it works!

Take the Next Step

We can help you decide pretty quickly whether this would be a good fit for your organization. With 20+ years of experience in automation, we just need about 5 minutes of Q&A. 

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