OnBase Enterprise Software Scalability

Discover the power of custom solutions – without custom code.

OnBase Scales To Meet Your Enterprise’s Unique Needs

Whether you’re deploying solutions around a specific case, specific department or across your entire enterprise, OnBase is the smart, scalable enterprise content management software for you. Use key OnBase features to securely monitor, manage and complete business processes, including:

  • OnBase WorkView (Case Manager)
  • Data Capture with AnyDoc
  • Workflow Approval Manager
  • DocuSign
  • CIC’s SignatureOne

You Say “Store,” We Say “How Much?”

You can host OnBase content on your latest model server or in the OnBase Cloud. OnBase supports 64-bit databases, storing up to 1 quadrillion documents within a single system. On 64-bit server operating systems, OnBase infrastructure allows more users on fewer servers, even while using new applications.

Simplify and Streamline Simultaneously

To say that OnBase streamlines process automation is a gross understatement. Thanks to the new WorkFlow Approval Engine, you can simplify the most complex approval structures and reassign work on-the-fly when work roles change or designated approvers are unavailable. Customers can even sign OnBase documents hosted in the cloud, bringing you one step closer in the approval process.

Scalability, Flexibility and Unmatched Support

At KeyMark, we have broad – and diverse – industry and departmental experience with OnBase. Among its top benefits are its scalability and flexibility. Not only is it built to support the latest server, application and database architectures, it can also be scaled to meet your exact needs. As your trusted partner, we’ll help you integrate the perfect solution and then provide you with ongoing support to ensure you realize a quick return on your investment.

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