Blue Prism to OnBase Workflow Document Handle Connector

Blue Prism to OnBase Connector

Integration with Hyland Software’s OnBase application. This asset uses OnBase’s Unity API to obtain “Document Handles” for documents that are in lifecycles. Includes the ability to limit results to a specific queue.

About the Asset:

The “OnBase Workflow Document Handle” asset connects Blue Prism to the OnBase Document Management System. The asset includes a Virtual Business Object (VBO). and example process that manages the connection to OnBase via the Unity API. The asset will query a selected process Workflow for a list of document handles within a specific Workflow lifecycle. It can also limit the query to a single queue, if needed. The asset includes KeyMark’s advanced error handling, OnBase session creation, Workflow querying, OnBase session disconnect and an example process. Please read the documentation for recommended setup procedures.

Benefits of the Asset:

This KeyMark-created asset will provide a lifecycle integration within your OnBase environment, giving you direct ability to obtain Document Handles in real time. This capability can be useful when trying to combine this skill with other OnBase-related Blue Prism processes, objects, or additional KeyMark assets.

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