CPCMS Connect

Simplify AOPC Criminal Case Integration with CPCMS Connect

KeyMark’s CPCMS Connect Helps You Connect All the Dockets

CPCMS Data + Case Management + Docket Documents

Developed by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC), the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Common Pleas Case Management System (CPCMS) is a comprehensive, statewide system of criminal case records. CPCMS allows counties to access the full breadth of court docket information for the entire state. The challenge for most counties is filtering out just the docket data that they need to process within their system.

KeyMark enhances CPCMS capabilities and gives local governments the power to efficiently manage court information.

KeyMark’s CPCMS Connect™ gives Pennsylvania counties the power to extract county specific court information from the CPCMS database. CPCMS Connect delivers docket information, directly from AOPC’s data source, sorted, and filtered, to provide the specific records that your county needs.

Complete Court Case Management

Easy Integration With CPCMS

One challenge with CPCMS is that, although it provides access to docket records and can perform some basic court functions, it does not provide a comprehensive, integrated case management system. KeyMark’s Court Case Management applications that are comprehensive enough to solve the most complex court document challenges, yet flexible enough to meet the unique requirements of each county. Because KeyMark customizes a solution built on a system your employees are already trained on, the learning curve is far less than when installing an entirely new system.