Local Government Technology Solutions

Delivering Tangible Return-On-Investment

Maximize Your Staff’s Resources by Elevating Efficiency

Local municipal governments are the heart of communities across the nation. Local governments are charged with managing everything from repairing roads, protecting citizens, caring for senior citizens and many other responsibilities. Many times municipalities are faced with delivering an expanding number of services with limited staff and under-funded budgets. KeyMark can maximize your staff’s resources by improving efficiency in your organization with enterprise-level functionality on small-business budgets. We deliver tangible return-on-investment and provide you with the tools you need to manage the growing burden of compliance and regulatory agency reporting.
Some employees had stacks of paper piled high on their desks or were carting around pounds and pounds of paper when working on a case. One of the results of our implementation is that I can actually see people working at neat desks in clean offices! – York Housing Authority