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Transforming the Way You Handle Public Records Requests

Providing constituents or the media with access to public records is more than a benefit of effective government – it’s the law. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), for example, requires that the public have access to certain undisclosed documents and information upon request, and government agencies of all sizes, all across the country, often struggle with the challenges these requests present.

The reason being: many government agencies still rely on paper-based record keeping. Locating a single record among many file cabinets in different departments and, in some cases, from multiple locations can be daunting, to say the least. However, by leveraging a modern content management system, you’re able to automate your agency’s public records request process and make significant improvements in several key areas, including the submission and delivery of requests, enhanced search capabilities through centralized document storage and improved transparency and reporting. At a time when trust in public institutions is eroding, it’s important to be responsive, transparent and accountable. Our public records requests software allows you to be all of these things – and more – by empowering you to make a wide range of improvements to your current processes:
  • Simplify the public records request process, from submission request to final delivery
  • Streamline the collection of requests regardless of how they’re received (online, phone, fax, letter or email)
  • Automate routing, timers and notifications to expedite processing and prevent bottlenecks
  • Utilize advanced search tools to locate records more quickly
  • Protect sensitive or confidential data easily with built-in redaction tools
  • Leverage a centralized dashboard to manage requests more effectively
  • Escalate especially time-sensitive requests and notify staff automatically
  • Keep a track record of request fulfillment for compliance purposes
  • Improve process transparency and reporting for better constituent service
  • Expedite fulfillment requests in order to meet mandates and avoid litigation
  • Enhance the overall experience for constituents and members of the media

Going From Paper to Productive

If you find yourself managing requests for public records with paper, email, spreadsheets and other manual processes, you’re not alone. More importantly, you’re not stuck where you are. Our experts can help you automate the request process from start to finish, improving productivity, transparency and turnaround times. The result is a win-win for your organization and for those your organization serves.

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