Livegenic Virtual Collaboration for Government

Improve Constituent Interaction With Communication Through Innovative Mobile Technology

Virtual Collaboration for Government

A virtual collaboration platform enables government agencies to provide best-possible client service in the fastest-possible time, utilizing real-time photo and video collaboration, and guided self-service. Designed to connect and automate every part of client interaction, KeyMark offers award-winning mobile applications and browser-based solutions created to meet your specific needs.

To bring our customers these interactive communications through mobile technology, KeyMark uses Livegenic. Livegenic is trusted by organizations across the world to improve the quality of human-to-human interaction between clients and employees. The technology also provides the ability to optimize workflows, reduce cost, and shorten cycle times.

Remote Interaction with Constituents

Interactive, remote communication will improve your agency’s ability to meet constituent’s needs. From remote locations, tasks that would typically require on-site travel can be accomplished in minutes. Tools like video collaboration reduce client foot traffic in agency locations and government buildings. In addition, they reduce the number of repetitive and menial tasks that could be done virtually by constituents. The result is a more efficient and effective workforce, as well as higher levels of satisfaction and convenience for your constituents.

Livegenic Features Include:

Virtual Collaboration in Human Services

Remote interactions between case workers and clients, including video and audio

Required documentation submission

  • New application
  • Guardianship
  • Identification
  • Bank records
  • Job time cards
  • Safety Incidents

Report changes (examples)

  • Report a birth
  • Recent pregnancy
  • New home occupant
  • Change of address
  • Change in income

Signing required forms and documents

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