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A Better Way to Manage Complaints, Grievances and Appeals

More and more organizations are required to track their complaints today. If you are charged with overseeing these processes, how do you keep up with the steady stream of complaints and grievances when they keep coming from a variety of sources – paper, fax, email, portals and phone calls. Better yet, what happens if you can’t keep up? Depending on your organization, you could face stiff fines, lengthy audits or, at the very least, unhappy constituents, customers or members. Our end-to-end complaint management solutions allow you to receive, track and manage complaints, from initial receipt to final determination, while creating an audit trail that’s easily trackable. With a powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution like OnBase, not only can you view the full history of a complaint and all related documentation, you can also view important actions taken along the way, including who viewed, edited, printed and routed the complaint – and when. OnBase empowers people to perform a wide range of complaint management-related activities quickly and easily.
    For example, you can:
  • Capture complaints through multiple channels
  • Create cases and assign them automatically
  • Track all documentation, regardless of source
  • Standardize the complaint process with simple forms
  • Escalate high-risk cases to management easily
  • Provide users with the ability to group and sort complaints
  • Leverage real-time insights on complaint processes
  • Improve compliance with detailed audit trails

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By leveraging a modern content management system, you can automate your agency’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) processes and make significant improvements in everything from constituent service to compliance. Learn more>

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