Court Case Management Software

Comprehensive Civil and Criminal Court Case Management

Efficiently Connect Court Documents with Case Dockets

KeyMark’s criminal and civil courts case management solutions solve the most complex court document challenges. With Court Case Management, court staff and officials no longer have to sort through overwhelming paper files for each case. The powerful front-end infrastructure enables efficient management a myriad of critical documents related to court cases. KeyMark’s Court Case Management is robust enough to manage any size court, yet flexible enough to meet the unique requirements of each organization. KeyMark provides better workflows, increased accessibility to court records, reduced costs and improved overall constituent satisfaction.

Court Case Management Benefits

  • Provides simultaneous, immediate access for multiple, authorized users to case documents
  • Integrated docketing and image capture reduces the risk of misplaced or incomplete files
  • System security limits user access to information, based on preset policies, to help ensure privacy and compliance
  • Conversion to electronic documents enables easy access on demand and eliminates physical retrieval of files

CPCMS Data + Case Management + Docket Documents

Developed by the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC), the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Common Pleas Case Management System (CPCMS) is a comprehensive, statewide system of criminal case records. CPCMS allows counties to access the full breadth of court docket information for the entire state. The challenge for most counties is filtering out just the docket data that they need to process within their system.