Government Case Management Software

Beyond Capture, Process, Collaborate, and Store.

Allow Workers to Focus on Delivering Services, Instead of Searching Documents

KeyMark can help you to streamline, digitize and standardize case management. Regardless of the number of departments or locations, we can enhance your ability to collaborate, reduce processing times and enhance the services to residents. By their very nature, human services’ case files are complex; require managing information from different sources; and remain active over the course of many years. The files contain sensitive information that is subject to stringent security regulations. All of this complicates the task of efficient case management.
Our department has reduced costs and improved staff productivity. OnBase integrated well with our financial system and allowed us to streamline the county’s entire voucher workflow. We now spend more time analyzing and less time pushing paper. – Allegheny County Department of Human Services

Case Management Transforms Service Delivery

  • Centralize document access and collaboration for case workers
  • Automate case management by eliminating redundant tasks
  • Allow staff to devote more time to people and less time to paperwork
  • Maintain stringent security regulations for sensitive information
  • Increase ease of compliance for audits and regulatory compliance

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