Hyland Software

What is Hyland Software?

Hyland Software is the developer of the enterprise content management and process management software suite called OnBase. Applications of the suite are used in healthcare, financial institutions, insurance, government, accounts payable and manufacturing.

Hyland’s product suite includes:

Hyland’s flagship ECM product, OnBase, includes applications for:

About Hyland Software, Creator of OnBase

Since 1991, Hyland Software has created real-world solutions for everyday business challenges. From the very beginning, Hyland imagined a new and smarter way to simplify the way people work, then built solutions from the ground up, shoulder to shoulder with both partners and customers. This spirit of innovation, partnership and collaboration can especially be seen in Hyland’s flagship software OnBase, one of the most flexible and comprehensive Enterprise Content Management software products on the market today.

Starting Small But Dreaming Big

In 1991, Packy Hyland, Jr., the founder of Hyland Software, was a lone consultant. At the time, he had partnered with Necedah Bank, a small Wisconsin bank in need of a content management solution. Necedah Bank was swimming in pages upon pages of paper reporting and storage, so Packy decided to develop his own electronic solution – quite the endeavor at the time – despite never having written a single line of code in his life.

Building a framework from the ground up, Packy was able to construct an innovative information management tool (the first version of OnBase) for Necedah Bank. After that early success, Packy went on to found Hyland Software, building on the same foundation of research, innovation and customer partnership. Today, OnBase is a trusted Enterprise Content Management software solution that revolutionizes the way organizations of all shapes and sizes function.

Core Values Aligned

Hyland Software measures its success by that of their customers. So do we. That’s why we champion Hyland’s award-winning Enterprise Content Management solution. By solving business needs that rely on documents, content and people, OnBase helps organizations run better, smarter and faster, and our customers rely on us to help make it happen and provide the ongoing support that they need.