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Hyland RPA (Another Monday): A Seamless OnBase RPA Module

From the back office to the supply chain, seamless RPA integrations enhance your OnBase capabilities, support your team, and empower innovation

As the cost of human inefficiencies continues to mount, robotic process automation (RPA) is on the rise. And, now Hyland has created an OnBase RPA modulethat will help you to seamlessly add RPA to your total OnBase solution.

As an OnBase user, you already know the value of automation for decreasing inefficiencies, reducing operating costs, and eliminating human error.

Hyland RPA is a robust automation deployment that integrates seamlessly with Hyland’s award-winning OnBase content management infrastructure. With Hyland’s RPA solution, you’ll gain intelligent automation capabilities that directly interface with your current systems. And with unparalleled scalability, your OnBase investment will grow effortlessly with your demand.


What can Hyland RPA do for your business?

What does Hyland’s RPA solution look like?

Hyland RPA Analyst

Your automation journey begins with a deeper understanding of current processes. The intuitive RPA Analyst tool quickly and accurately documents your processes down to the click level, no matter what form of user-to-machine interaction takes place.

  • Automatically capture and document business application elements and process steps
  • Intuitively sequence process steps and record technical data for digital workers
  • Generate process diagrams and pre-built automation workflows

Hyland RPA Designer

Building out your RPA solution no longer requires fluent code-writing capabilities. With drag-and-drop tools, you can quickly build digital works and create new automated workflows.

  • Pre-built workflows and process documentation import directly from RPA Analyst
  • Process parameters guide you in fine-tuning automations
  • The process script is output ready for execution by your digital workers

Hyland RPA Conductor

Once your automation workflows have been identified, document, designed, and deployed, the task of managing these digital workers is even easier. You can even leverage unattended automation sequences that scale on-demand in real time.

  • Task “pulling” maximizes utilization and increases efficiency by repurposing idle bots
  • Multifunctionality of digital workers enables every bot to process every task type
  • Automations can be run attended, unattended, or in hybrid states as your needs dictate

Hyland RPA Manager

Live monitoring and system management are made painless via a real-time dashboard interface that provides central administration of global controls.

  • Single-pane-of-glass interface coordinates managing, controlling, and customizing bots
  • Dashboard functionality streamlines access to real-time reporting and monitoring
  • Intuitive controls enable you to start, stop, or add tasks/processes on the fly, while fixing failures and shifting priorities
If you’ve put off the next step towards 21st century business operations because RPA solutions seemed inefficient, complicated, or incompatible with your business infrastructure, your time has come. Evolve to the next iteration of what your organization can become via robotic process automation from Hyland and KeyMark
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