OnBase Patient Record

Bad data costs more than time. It costs patient care. That's a risk you can't afford.

OnBase Helps Healthcare Providers Manage their Patient Records.

Whether it’s eliminating reimbursement delays through faster coding, or keeping clinicians equipped with accurate information, your healthcare organization needs the right data management platform.

As you well know, your healthcare environment, whether a hospital, clinic, or private group practice, simply cannot afford bad data. It’s about much more than just the lost time, re-work, and inconvenience that inefficient or inaccurate coding creates. It’s actually a matter of life and death for patients who trust their clinicians to have the right info at the right moment. OnBase helps providers manage their patient records.

Ensuring your team has the right data starts with having better data capture. From coders to clinicians, data can flow seamlessly across processes and procedures with the right platform.

Through OnBase, we offer medical record scanning and indexing solutions that empower better informed care decisions, eliminate tedious manual process steps, and generate more accurate, positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Reducing reimbursement delays starts with better coding.

As medical records enter your organization’s information management system, Hyland automatically scans and indexes them by type, associates them to the correct patient record, and securely stores them in the centralized OnBase digital repository.

From there, OnBase’s native process management tools route charts instantly to the appropriate coders, streamlining and balancing your team’s workload.

With Hyland’s OnBase record scanning and indexing solution, you will:

  • Eliminate costs and risks of storing and transporting paper records
  • Improve downstream HIM tasks, like deficiency management and release of information
  • Increase accuracy without sacrificing speed of care
  • Enable authorized coders to work from anywhere

Contact us today to learn more about accessing and keeping up with your patient records using OnBase.