Outpatient Healthcare

Create a better continuum of care for your patients.

A better medical claims management system is the start of a healthier practice.

Whether you’re eliminating reimbursement delays through faster coding or eliminating human error and inefficiency, KeyMark recommends OnBase by Hyland’s Medical Claims Processing solution.

As healthcare costs continue to rise, clinicians and practice management professionals alike are demanding more efficient, intelligent, and connected information management systems.

Lost time, tedious re-work, and inaccurate coding are common complaints in nearly every practice across the nation. And, when everyone has a stake in driving out unnecessary costs, a better medical claims management system is an investment you can’t afford to ignore.

Paper-based medical claims take the most time to process, create the most delays, and open the door to human error. They’re simply a liability in 21st century healthcare practices.

Turn your paper trail into something better… a faster, more accurate, and friendlier patient experience.

Improving your medical claims department begins with ensuring accurate data. OnBase Claim Validation sets your team up with pre-validated claims, ready for processing. Each field is automatically reviewed for compliance against industry standard requirements as well as your custom adjudication rules. The system also speeds error correction through a claims worklist that points your team to each highlighted error, significantly increasing first-pass claims adjudication.

A Claim Validation platform enables your team to reduce labor costs and re-focus that time on the customer experience, driving profitability and patient experience improvements.

Because your team no longer has to review and rekey every field in the UB04 institutional claim or CMS 1500 professional claim, they’re faster and more accurate. Our solution automatically checks for compliance, leaving your staff with the simple task of reviewing and correcting any issues.

Smarter medical claims management is better for everyone.

OCR-scanned files are automatically processed, attachments are noted, and everything is ready for processing when your staff first touches it.

Greater insight into each claim equips your practice management to prioritize claims by days in system, dollar amount, or even number of errors. Ultimately, with a Claim Validation medical claims processing solution, you will create the kind of healthcare outcomes we all expect of 21st century medicine.