Medical Record Indexing

When lives are on the line, should doctors be looking for the right paperwork?

Connecting clinicians and coders to the right information is more than a time-saver. It’s a life-saver.

As a healthcare provider, you know the risks associated with bad data. For your practice, it can mean losing time to tedious rework, losing revenue to inaccurate billing, and enduring costly reimbursement delays. Medical record indexing is a basic function of automation that will make an immediate impact for any healthcare provider.

For your patients, it can be a matter of life and death. They trust you to make the right decisions with their care, based on the best information available. And, that starts with having better data.

KeyMark recommends Hyland Healthcare’s OnBase platform as a superior medical records scanning and indexing solution. It empowers better informed care decisions, eliminates tedious manual process steps, and generates more accurate, positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Improving patient outcomes starts with Medical Record Indexing.

Hyland’s healthcare platform integrates seamlessly with hundreds of EMRs, including Epic, Allscripts, Meditech, and Cerner. With intuitive features, easy navigation, and secure infrastructure, OnBase is a low-risk content management solution that brings visibility to the 75% of clinical content likely living outside of your current EMR system.

Unstructured information, whether it’s hand-filled forms, faxes, or data imaging from different locations, vendors, and departments, slows your speed to treatment. Your clinicians and physicians spend valuable time searching for information instead of focusing on the patient experience. Medical records scanning and indexing restores that time to care instead of inefficient paper shuffling.

With Hyland’s OnBase healthcare platform, you will position your clinical staff to do the thing they do best – providing engaging human-to-human medical care.

Whether it’s physicians capturing clinical images, adding notes, or creating reports, OnBase automatically associates this new data to the correct patient record. Rather than waiting on your staff to print, copy and fax, clinical content, OnBase workflows seamlessly move the information on to referring physicians without wasted inefficiencies and touchpoints.