Medical Laboratory Automation

Deliver faster, more customer-centric diagnostic services.

Modernizing Your Lab by Leveraging Today’s Leading Automation Technologies

The need for quick, easy and accurate lab testing is essential today, whether you’re testing for genetic diseases or screening samples of urine for evidence of drug-use. In order to keep up with the ever-growing demand, it’s imperative to expedite the testing process without compromising the integrity of the results or increasing data costs. Utilizing a modern enterprise content management solution in your diagnostic laboratory will yield a number of efficiency-elevating benefits, including:
  • Save money by reducing labor costs and overtime pay, especially time spent on manual processes
  • Automate tasks and business processes
  • Integrate with the instruments and systems (e.g. LIS and ERP) you and your staff already use
  • Monitor compliance-related matters with greater confidence
  • Create greater transparency between your lab and your patients
  • Streamline document and data management
  • Expedite early detection of cancer, infectious diseases and geriatric disorders
  • Help improve overall patient outcomes

More Efficiency, Less Labor

Are you ready to increase the efficiency of your diagnostic lab while reducing labor costs? Do you want to improve healthcare by increasing the rates of early detection? Our healthcare experts are here to help you make this vision a reality by leveraging the technologies that will advance your organization.