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OnBase Platinum Support Partner

Discover the Diamond Difference and the Perks of Platinum

Our job isn’t finished once we complete your OnBase implementation. We also offer a range of OnBase support plans to ensure you make the most of your investment. These plans have been carefully formulated with our vast experience and your budget in mind, and they’re uniquely designed to address the needs of your organization. For instance, all of our support plans (Silver, Gold and Platinum) include unlimited phone and email support during business hours, but these plans also scale to offer more specialized services like designated support contacts, insightful executive visits and more.

Minimum Headaches, Maximum ROI

As part of our support plans, we will troubleshoot your software when needed to keep your system secure, minimize downtime and ensure maximum efficiency. However, our support plans go well beyond routine maintenance and security patches. We’re here to help you leverage the complete capabilities of Onbase software, whether that means providing you with resources like webinars and trainings, answering your questions via phone or email, or meeting with you face-to-face to help you overcome obstacles unique to your organization. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to providing stellar OnBase support.

KeyMark: An OnBase by Hyland Diamond Support Partner for Ten Years Running

KeyMark began implementing OnBase and providing support in 2000. Since then, we’ve enjoyed a rich partnership with Hyland, helping hundreds of businesses work better with OnBase software.

  • Hyland 2017 Diamond Support award
  • Hyland 2017 Platinum Partner award
  • Hyland 2016 Diamond Support award
  • Hyland 2016 Platinum Partner award
  • Hyland 2015 Business Planning Partner of the Year
  • Hyland 2015 Diamond Support award
  • Hyland 2015 Platinum Partner award
  • Hyland 2014 Diamond Support award
  • Hyland 2014 Platinum Partner award
  • Hyland 2013 Diamond Support award
  • Hyland 2013 Platinum Partner award
  • Hyland 2012 Diamond Support award
  • Hyland 2012 Platinum Partner award
  • Hyland 2011 Diamond Support award
  • Hyland 2011 Platinum Partner award
  • Hyland 2010 Diamond Support award
  • Hyland 2010 Platinum Partner award
  • Hyland 2009 Diamond Support award
  • Hyland 2009 Gold Partner award
  • Hyland 2008 Diamond Support award
  • Hyland 2008 Platinum Partner award
  • Hyland 2007 Diamond Support award
  • Hyland 2007 Platinum Partner award
  • Hyland 2006 Diamond Support award
  • Hyland 2006 Gold Partner award
  • Hyland 2005 Diamond Support award
  • Hyland 2005 Platinum Partner award
  • Hyland 2004 Diamond Support award
  • Hyland 2004 Platinum Partner award
  • Hyland 2003 Diamond Support award
  • Hyland 2003 Gold Partner award
  • OnBase All Star 2002
  • OnBase All Star 2001
  • OnBase All Star 2000

Put our depth of experience to work for your organization, and let us help you gain mastery of this valuable and award-winning tool.