Improve Patient Care with OnBase Integration for Cerner

How Do You Integrate With Cerner?

OnBase With Cerner: Enhancing Your Experience

As a Cerner client, you’ve likely experienced the improvements a powerful electronic medical record can make to your health system. But as much as 75 percent of patient data may be waiting to be integrated into your existing Cerner Millennium PowerChart EMR.

By integrating OnBase with your Cerner software solution, you can complete the patient record while improving processes in every corner of your organization.

Whether your hospital chooses an array of best-of-breed departmental solutions or is a complete Cerner house, you’ll find OnBase to be the perfect complement to your IT infrastructure. Using HL7 and our integration tools, OnBase creates a seamless experience for users that helps both clinicians and staff work more efficiently and effectively.

Giving You a Full Patient Picture

Nearly 25 percent of the patient record consists of unstructured content like surgical
videos, digital photos and paper forms. Because the EMR doesn’t inherently capture
this information, clinicians and staff face the challenge of hunting it down in storage
rooms, file cabinets, clinical devices and other applications. Even worse, this creates the
possibility of treating a patient without the complete picture in mind.

Combined with Cerner PowerChart®, OnBase helps gather that unstructured content and makes it easily retrievable, enabling clinicians to find it right when needed. And because OnBase integrates completely with Cerner PowerChart, staff can continue working within the EMR – an environment they already know and understand.

OnBase With Cerner

At every phase of patient care and service, the OnBase Integration for Cerner provides
clinicians and staff with fingertip access to content, clinical and otherwise, normally outside the EMR and other core HIT applications. With OnBase, your organization will not only complete the patient record, but also eliminate reimbursement delays and enhance processes from admittance to billing.

Go ahead. Be more productive.

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